Where does Tropic Air Operate?

Tropic Air is Belize’s airline that easily connects you from Belize International airport to neighboring islands, also known as cayes.  At around $100 per person, you can take a 20-minute flight to Ambergris Caye on a semi-private plane.   Furthermore, another option to get to Ambergris Caye is to take an hour-long boat ride.  Flying this regional airline was the best option for people who are prone to sea-sickness like me.

Customer Service

Tropic Air had exceptional customer service!  It was so cool to fly right by the pilot across jungles and and the ocean.  On the return flight from Ambergris Caye to Belize City International Airport, I was extremely impressed with the airline’s quaint airport on the tiny island.  In addition to the modern accommodations,  I felt safe and comfortable while waiting to board my flight.

Tropic Air Boarding Passes - TravelSizeTips.com

Boarding Passes are by color, not numbers.  Very simple and efficient.

Tropic Air Terminal Belize - TravelSizeTips.com

My view from inside the small, but modern, Tropic Air facilities in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.  Clean restrooms, attentive staff, efficient boarding process.

Tropic Air Terminal Belize - TravelSizeTips.com

Beautiful (huge) fish tank in the terminal.

In conclusion, for convenience, quality and excellent customer service, I would 100% recommend Tropic Air over hour long boat rides to get to Ambergis Caye.