Bridgetown, Barbados
🌴Bridgetown – land of Rihanna, rum and beautiful Caribbean beaches and the best rum tasting in Barbados!  While there I planned a visit to the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, a famed rum brand made with Bajan grown sugar cane and molasses.  The entire island of Barbados is only 21 miles long, so getting to the factory is really quick from any hotel on the island.


VIDEO -The Best Rum Tasting in Barbados - Mount Gay Factory Tour #MGBarrelWall

Standing outside the large barrels of Mount Gay Rum. It was hot but the ice cold rum cocktails were perfect. Do you have a favorite rum cocktail?🍹

Signature Rum Tour
🍹 The Signature Rum tour is only $20 per person (Yes, only $20 bucks!) and includes tastings, a tour and a guide that explains the robust history of the prized liquor.

The tour guide gave our group great information about the history of molasses, sugar cane and rum and how it played a large part into the development of Mount Gay.  I love having back stories to whatever food or drink I’m enjoying because it gives context and adds to the experience of traveling to another country.💜


Tasting the Good Stuff

🥃So onto the good stuff, our group had huge portion of several types of rums which tasted different based on how long they age.  My absolute favorite was the Mauby rum.  The rums sampled were:

– Mount Gay Silver

– Mount Gay Black Barrel

– Mount Gay Mauby Rum

Image appears courtesy of Mount Gay Rum

Travel Size Tip: Next time you’re in Rihanna land, make sure to plan a few hours and check out this beautiful facility, and get turnt up in paradise for the low price of $20 bucks!😍😍

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