The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is an American monument that thousands of NYC visitors flock to annually.  To get to the statue, which is located on Liberty Island just outside of Manhattan, you must book a tour, ferry, or private accommodation to.  A quick Google search of Statue of Liberty Tours pulls up a variety of prices from $20 and up per person – if you’re traveling with a group, that can be costly.  I did some research while visiting NYC and found a way to see Lady Liberty for free – and I didn’t have to wait in long lines!

The Staten Island Ferry

Now, I will admit that you don’t get to see the Statue of Liberty up close. In fact you’re about a mile away from it.  But, this free ferry still made for great photo ops and didn’t put a dent in the travel budget.  Did I mention we didn’t have to wait in a long line?

Where is the Ferry Located?

Hop on the Ferry at The Whitehall Terminal, 4 South Street, Manhattan

How often does the Ferry Run?

The ferry ride is about 25 minutes each way and it runs 24 hours a day! Ferries depart every 20 minutes, so if you miss one, you can hop back on quickly !  I prefer to travel during the daytime to see Lady Liberty but, a night time ride would have the glittering NYC skyline as a backdrop.statue of liberty

Tips while on the Ferry

Weather permitting, try to stand outside on the bow of the ship.  In addition to seeing the Statue of Liberty, you get a gorgeous view of Manhattan, perfect for photos!  My mom and I enjoyed the breeze, quick ferry ride and of course, the price!  Also, it’s good to know that you must disembark the ferry once you’ve arrived in Staten Island.  No worries though,  you can get right back on to return to Manhattan.

Visit the Staten Island Ferry  website for more information.  Have fun on your free ride!