Life’s too short to live in fear!  I’ve been on at least 200 flights in my lifetime but, that little voice in the back of my head tells me to be worried and nervous.   I hate to admit this but, I still find myself getting anxious before taking a flight.  No worries though, I know I’m not alone and if you’re reading this, you may get anxiety as well.  Check out the tips below to overcome fear of flying.

Deep Slow Breaths

There’s so much research about the benefits deep breathing has on the body.  Take long slow breaths when you’re waiting to board and when you get to your seat.  Relax your body, slow down your heart rate and boost your mood.
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Distract Yourself

It’s difficult to be consumed with anxiety when you’re concentrating on something else.  Listen to a playlist, read a magazine, read a book or watch a movie to pass the time, relax and decrease your anxiety.

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Pour it Up!

Airlines offer brand-named liquor, beer, wine and cocktails on flights.  Indulge in one, or two, to loosen up and unwind.  Keep in mind that you should keep drinking water, especially on long-haul flights, because altitude dehydrates our bodies.

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Catch Some Z’s

We could all use extra sleep.  I usually get great sleep on flights; the phone’s not ringing, there aren’t life’s distractions and the humming of the plane’s engines lulls me right to la la land.

Be Realistic

Okay I have to mention the worst reason people have anxiety of flying; crashes and or terrorist attacks.  Unfortunately, yes they do happen but, statistically they are extremely unlikely to happen to you.  If you look up the data, thousands of flights worldwide take off and land at their destinations safely every day.  When we do hear of a crash or attack on the news it is highly publicized because it is so rare.

Statistically, you have more of a chance at being in a car accident than you do of having a major incident while flying.  Say a prayer before you take off to ease your mind.  Your pilot and flight attendants are highly trained and although incidents happen, you are generally safe when flying.

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Do you have any tips to soothe your anxiety?  Let me know below in the comments, or on Facebook.