Between the work, friendships, always try to get some sleep on a flight.  Sometimes, I’m too excited and anxious for vacation to start and catch myself being wide-awake.  Below are 9 things to pass time on planes- most are free!  Say goodbye to boredom on short or long-haul flights.

  1. Podcasts – Download and listen to your favorite Podcasts.  There are podcasts about everything.  You’re sure to find a new favorite on Spotify or iTunes.
  2. Playlists – Listen to Beyonce’s latest Download a Neo-Soul R&B or Top 40 hits playlist and jam out
  3. Coloring Books/Apps – If you don’t want to purchase actual colored pencils and lug around a book, there are many free adult coloring book apps.   Get those creative juices flowing!Pass time on planes -
    Free Coloring App for Android Devices – Coloring
  4. Read a Book – I’m old school and still like to bring small books on the plane (I like the way the pages smell!).  If you have an e-reader, download some free content and read something new
  5. Read a Magazine – Save a couple of bucks by bringing magazines from home on your flight.  Well-written magazines have content that lasts years.
    Pass time on planes1 -
  6. Homework or Office Work – If you’re a student or busy professional, this is the perfect time to catch up on projects without being distracted by text messages or a ringing phone.
  7. Edit Your Pictures – If you’re headed back home after a trip, edit the pictures you took on your mobile device.  There are tons of free, easy-to-use apps you can download to enhance your images.  Most photo editing apps don’t require an internet connection, so you’ll e sure to have access on the flight.
    Free Editing App for Android Devices – PicsArt Photo Studio
  8. Movies – Long haul flights (six or more hours) usually have many entertainment options.  On my recent trip to Zurich, Switzerland, I was able to watch three movies via the headrest monitor.  Take advantage of Netflix’s new feature of being able to download movies to your mobile devices.
  9. Play Mind Games – If you like to keep you mind busy, playing crossword puzzles, word searches or Sudoku.  Again, there are tons of free game apps that won’t require an active WiFi connection on board the aircraft.
    Free Sudoko App for Android Devices – Sudoku
    Pass time on planes2 -

Have any tips?

Let me know in the comments below! Pass time on planes Pass time on planes