Free Sighseeing in Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona, Spain is a beautiful city that has been on my to-visit list.  As soon as I landed at the airport, the vibe reminded me of South Beach.  Everyone was dressed beachy with vibrant colors.  I had a three day visit and walked all around the city, stumbling upon monuments, beautiful sights and century old churches.  I routinely ball on a budget and finding free things to do, in any city, allows me to splurge on other things (flight upgrades, nice meals, that souvenir I really want etc.)  All of these points of interest are FREE! 

1. Parc de la Ciutadella – This gorgeous, 70 acre Garden of Eden like park was an absolute masterpiece to find.  I love spontaneity so I didn’t plan a specific route to get here.  The park has lush walking trails, gorgeous ponds, street art, vendors and is near the Barcelona Zoo.  The showcase piece is this glorious monument and fountain that was created in 1877.  Absolutely divine!
Travel Size Tip: There is a small cafe near this fountain, perfect for coffee, tea and a snack.

2. Arc de Triomf – I didn’t know that Barcelona has an Arc de Triomf!  After walking through Parc de la Ciutadella I found this gorgeous landmark.  Built in 1888 as the gateway to the Universal Exhibition in the neighborhood of Catolonia,  it is extremely similar to the one in Paris.  The main difference being it’s striking maroon color.

Notice the angels, crowns and intricate sculptures throughout the arch.

3. Beaches – With three miles of beaches , Barcelona is perfect for people watching and strolling in the breezy sunny air.  Not a cloud was in the sky on this gorgeous day.  I walked while absorbing the vibe and let the sun kiss my skin while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  While walking along the beach you”ll see street performers, rollerbladers, skateboarders and nude sun bathers (Europeans are not offended by nude bodies).

One thing that stood out about the Barcelona beaches was how clean they are! This city takes great pride in keeping public spaces free of trash.

4. Barcelona Pier – This tourist hub, located near the cruise port terminal, is buzzing with people, luxury yachts, restaurants and street vendors.

Basking in the sun rays of the pier – not a cloud in the sky!

5. Street Art – A city’s street art serves as the backdrop of their culture and identity.  I couldn’t tell you exactly where this painting is in the city, because I wasn’t looking for it.  Travel Size Tip: Google Barcelona Street Art and you’re sure to find more than enough Spanish artwork.

What’s your interpretation of the “Attack of the Ordinary Citizen” street art ?

6. Catedral de Barcelona – In the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, this church serves as a focal point.  Construction of the Catedral de Barcelona began in 1298 and didn’t complete until 150 years later!  It was amazing walking through time to see the architecture.  The United States doesn’t have any monuments of this age, so I appreciated seeing the ancient architecture.

7. Antonio Lopez Statue – This statue is a monument to Spanish businessman, Antonio Lopez.  In the 1800’s he founded many shipping companies in Barcelona and Cuba.

Statue honoring Antonio Lopez

8. El Born – El Born is a poppin neighborhood to get drinks, take cooking classes and shop for Spanish souvenirs.  Winding alleys take you on an adventure with a cool store on every corner.  It was actually fun when I got a bit lost in this area, I ended up eating at a cafe and saw flamenco dancers in costume.
Travel Size Tip: Use the mobile app, Yelp, to find highly rated restaurants in this area.  There are so many to choose from and Yelp helped me narrow down my choices.

Pretty cool that the city has a picture from the 1800’s of the exact same spot that I’m standing in. This is the center of the neighborhood of Born.

I can’t stress this enough wear comfortable walking shoes!  This is a walking city, so make sure you have thick-soled shoes that provide support.  There’s no way I could visit every landmark in Barcelona, so which one’s are must-sees?  Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or Instagram!

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