I only had 24 hours in Brussels before I had to catch my flight back to the States.  I’ve picked up a few tips to help you get the most of your Belgium experience while you’re there a short while.

🏨The Hotel: Pentahotel Brusels City Centre
My hotel in Brussels, was completely paid for in United airline miles.  I don’t fly United frequently but, any time I do, I accumulate points.  I found a really trendy hotel within my online United Airlines account that was available for the date I needed in Brussels – perfect!  I checked the very high Trip Advisor ratings and saw that it was in a safe area of town.  Pentahotel is the perfect combination of location, great ratings and best of all, the price🤑.
Travel Size Tip – Always sign up for airline miles programs of any plane you fly on, even if you don’t use them frequently!

Mmm Get a classic Belgian Waffle
Belgian Waffles are life!  While walking around the Belgian streets my goal was to find an authentic waffle and get all the warm buttery goodness ASAP.  After asking a few locals about where to find one, the Lord answered my prayers and a golden Gaufres Chaudes (Warm Waffle) Truck appeared and I got my life!  Mission Accomplished.  Travel Size Tip:  Taste a local dish in every city you visit – it adds to the experience and culture of the region! It’s the little things in life that make you smile. A hot waffle on a brisk Belgian day.

Explore the City
I mentioned before, I didn’t have enough time (only here for 24 hours) to plan an entire activity, so I played it by ear and walked around the neighborhood of Châtelain, a place popular for weekend getaways and evening leisure hours.


Drink up with Stella Artois
🍻You can’t go to Belgium without having a delicious Stella Artois beer in their iconic glass.  Stella Artois was created in the 1300’s in the city of Leuven, Belgium.  A few hundred years later, Sebastian Artois became the brew master that every bottle is named after.  I’m not a huge fan of beer, but I can appreciate the lightness of this brew.  Belgian Beer in Belgium?  Yes Please!


Hopefully next time I end up in Belgium, I can spend a bit more time in Brussels exploring.  Do you have any tips on must-see activities in Belgium?  Tweet me to let me know!

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