Think traveling is all about instagramable pictures, all-inclusive hotels and massages?  Well now that I type that out, that does sound pretty good.  But back to my point, traveling opens your mind to experience new walks of life, local food and one of the most important things – a sense of adventure!  Along with the spirit of adventure, just know that everything will not go according to plan, especially in the Costa Rican Jungle!

Learn about my adventure fail in Liberia, Costa Rica!
A few weeks before my trip I contacted Issys Tours to reserve the half day MegaCombo Tour that included a personal driver with round trip transportation to and from the activity, lunch, horseback riding, ziplining, water slides, mudbaths and all required safety equipment.  The driver picked my party up in a well-maintained air conditioned van and the ride through authentic Liberia was beautiful – lush jungles with a huge volcano in the distance.  After an hour’s drive, snaking up mountains through the jungle, we finally made it to the main station. Travel Size Tip: Book this tour prior to your arrival.  Be sure to bring workout clothes, sneakers and a change of clothes to the tour.

Horseback Riding
Contrary to popular belief (ahem stereotypes) all Texans don’t have or ride horses.  I have never been horseback riding! First time for everything, so I jumped on top of a gorgeous mild tempered horse and was taking in all the instructors directions.  First of all, I didn’t realize how tall horses were, I felt like a giant!  As a group we moseyed our way uphill through a trail.  I could not stop screaming! Something about not having control of my transportation completely through me for a loop.  I WAS NOT ready lol.

Zip Lining
We rode horses to the top of a mountain, and what was waiting for me next?  Zip lining! Now, I’ve been zip lining before, but you always get butterflies in your stomach before going – kind of like the anticipation of going on a roller-coaster.

The Jungle makes the perfect backdrop to zip lining. I’m flying over 100 feet above the ground floor at speeds up to 30 MPH!

I was all strapped in, praised Jesus and then the instructor push me off and down onto the wire.  I screamed SO LOUD because these never ending zip lines tried my life!  So much fun and zipping through the jungle, overlooking the canopies and hearing monkeys howl in the distance.  After about 6 zip lines, we made our way down back to the ground.  Travel Size Tip: Zip lining requires physical endurance, you will be carrying equipment and hiking for extended periods of time.  Make note of this before you decide to do this activity.

Waterslides 1, Angelica 0
After we made our way to the ground, it was time to cool off in the man-made water slides that the park had.  The instructors told us they would take pics for us so I’m like- “okay cool these are going to be great for the ‘gram!”  I get my inner tube, and sashay through the extremely fast currents and the next thing I know, I’m getting slapped and tossed around by the slides.  It was a hilarious hot mess!  I did not get hurt but when I made my final splash into the pool, I was cracking up!  I’ll definitely remember this experience for the rest of my life!

The grace and elegance of me riding the water slide. Notice how the water playfully splashes against me as I make my way peacefully down stream. AhahHAHAH!

Mud Bath
Wrapping up our adventure tour, the guide led our group to a relaxing volcanic mud bath.  The volcanic mud is known to have healing properties.  It was an interesting experience but I’ll let you know honestly, it smelled HORRIBLE!  The smell of sulfur still immediately comes to mind.  However, after rinsing it off my skin did feel exceptionally smooth.

Organic Lunch
After a quick shower and change, we were served lunch in the on-site restaurant.  The cool thing about this lunch was that everything was organically sourced from their farm.  Everything from the meat, veggies and juices.  The food was exceptionally fresh and after a long day, this is just what you need to refuel.

Fresh grilled chicken, fruit and potatoes. Cooked right in front of us by locals. Very authentic.

What do you think?  Would you do any of these activities?  I hope this guide gave you a quick overview of some adventure options for your trip to Costa Rica.  Feel free to tweet me if you have any questions or comments!

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