No, I’m not being dramatic.  Following the travel safety tips below can save your life or vacation from disaster.  These simple travel safety tips are quickly completed and give you peace of mind while traveling.

Travel Safety Tips - luggageEnroll in the free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

The free STEP program gives the US government access to your whereabouts abroad in case of an emergency. During natural disasters, civil unrest or family emergencies, you will be glad that you registered and the US Embassy has your information.


Take Pictures of All Important Travel Documents

Using your cellphone, take pictures of your passport, flight reservations and lodging arrangements.  Print all documents as your backup and keep the copies in your luggage.  For added security, email the pictures to a trusted contact and upload the pictures to your cloud storage. It’s terrible to lose your passport on vacation but, having a backup photo of it does shorten the time it takes to prove you are an American (or your home country) citizen.

Travel Safety Tips - credit card

Contact your Banks, Credit Unions and Credit Card Companies

Financial Institutions are on high alert for fraudulent use of their customer’s cards.  For this reason, contact your bank and let them know your trip details; specifically the countries you’re visiting and your travel dates.  This ensures your card won’t get declined at a hotel, mall or airport while you’re abroad.

Divide Your Cash

When you’re out exploring during your vacation, make sure to leave some cash in the deposit box of your hotel room.  Never bring all of your cash for an entire vacation out at once.  If your wallet is lost or stolen you will have backup cash at the hotel.

Secure Your Belongings

Many tourist destinations are very walkable cities.  As you’re walking and touring your new surroundings, be sure to have your pockets, purses and backpacks securely zipped.  Pick-pocketing happens in a flash and right under your nose, especially if you’re distracted by taking pictures, videos or searching for directions.

Travel Safety Tips- cocktails

Turn Up, But Not Too Far Up

Of course we love to unwind and have a few drinks on vacation.  But, if you over-indulge, make sure you’re surrounded by friends, family members or you’re at the hotel.  I don’t have to go into reasons why getting wasted and or arrested for public intoxication in a foreign country would be a major buzz kill.


Be Culturally Aware

A duty as a responsible traveler is to respect and be aware of cultural customs of the city/country you’re visiting.  For example, don’t visit a Buddhist temple in Thailand and start yelling and screaming.   Treat places with respect and take mental notes from the locals.  When in doubt of your behavior, Google search a reliable source prepare yourself ahead of time.

Do you have any other travel safety tips that are important to follow?  Tell me in the comments!