Haggle Like a Pro on Vacation!

In heavy tourist areas, souvenirs are usually over-priced and mass produced especially at airports.  However, you can find great deals and hidden gems at local, unbranded shops and flea markets in many countries worldwide.  These mom and pop stores generally have welcoming staff and are very helpful.

Some of the best souvenirs I’ve purchased abroad are a direct result of successful haggling. My best purchase was three, 18 inch tall paintings of African women in the Dominican Republic for $12 bucks!

Follow these 5 tips and start Saving!

  1. Have Confidence – Don’t be shy to ask for a lower price.  Smile, be friendly and see if you can make a deal.
  2. Determine the Item’s Worth – Ignore price tags and determine what you are willing to pay for the item.
    haggle - travelsizetips1
  3. Find Extras– You’re likely to have the salesperson to throw in some free accessories to go with the product you are trying to purchase.  Take a look around the store for any small extras they could give you for free.  Let the salesperson know that free extras will seal the deal in making a purchase.
    haggle - travelsizetips2
  4. Work the Cost Down – If the price doesn’t match with what you have in mind, it’s perfectly fine to leave and go to another vendor.  Just be respectful and courteous, a simple “Thank you but, no thank you” goes a long way.
  5. Don’t Rush – If a vendor haggles with you and accepts your lowest price, be appropriate and purchase the item.  Otherwise, you have just wasted each others time and you don’t have a cool souvenir.

Check out the short video below of me walking in a Mexican Flea Market in Puerto Vallarta! haggle

Do you have any haggling tips you’ve used?  Leave them in the comments below! Haggle Haggle Haggle