Treat yoself!  As a splurge on a mother-daughter trip to Paris (April 2017), we upgraded our basic economy seats to luxurious British Airways Business Class on our flight from Houston to London to start our European journey.  Life is short and we decided we deserve!  Flying British Airways soon?  Read Below!

Typical of international flights, I purchased my tickets online (Priceline or Travelocity are my go-to websites).  Passport details were not required at the time of booking.  24 hours before our flight, I checked-in online and input our Passport details on  Shortly after, I received our boarding passes and was able to print them before going to the airport.  Travel Size Tip:  If you’re not able to print your boarding passes immediately, continue to check-in online.  This lets the airline know you plan on flying and ensures that won’t release your seat to another passenger.

A business or first-class ticket on British Airways give you access to their posh lounge.  My lounge experience is based on the British Airways Lounge in Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

Plush seating, complimentary snacks, juice and liquor are plentiful in the room.  The self-service bar had a variety of top shelf liquors, mixers and snacks that would please anyone’s tastes.  Access to a small business area, complete with computers, WiFi and printers were perfect for completing last minute projects before the eight hour flight.  The lounge was just the beginning of a relaxing experience.

The Flight
With eight hours of flight time ahead of me, I was eager to get comfortable and find my seat.  As soon as we were on board, the British Airways attendant, immediately took our drink orders.  I was welcomed with a warm moist towel, an amenity kit and a Bacardi and Sprite heyyyyyyy it’s time to get the party started!

Like a kid, I sat in the plush seat reclining it as far back as possible, exploring the amenities and checking out my new digs for the long flight.  On this aircraft, the TV screen was faded making for a blurry and outdated screen but, pleasant nonetheless.  The flight had tons of movies, television shows, games and an updated flight map to keep me entertained and informed during the flight.

On Board Dining Options
Who knew airline food could be so delicious?  I was treated to salad, shrimp, steak, risotto, chocolate mousse cake, smoothies, fresh fruit, and and a breakfast sandwich.  British Airways does a fantastic job of making sure you’re well-fed.  I would love to get a behind the scenes look on how they’re able to cook and present gourmet food in the air. The most memorable was the chocolate mousse cake and the morning breakfast treats – delicious!

A British Airways Business Class upgrade from economy is worth the money.  The ability to stretch out and lay completely flat on the plane coupled with great customer service, amenities, gourmet food and drinks…I mean what more can you ask for?  Other airlines need to take note.  Questions?  Comments?  Ask me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram at @travelsizetips

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